Section List

This page covers services that the practice/business offers. This is an important page, so, use the best design options you have available with the design given. 

About Services Page As Archive

Services on an individual basis are posts and Service is a category. While that is true, we DO NOT use the Service Archive page as the Services page. We may add a query that pulls the list of services, but, we do want Services to be a page that allows full customization. Therefore any link pointed to Services should end here and not the /category/service/.


Use the original design options and pick one of the best options. After the home page Hero, this page is the most important visually.

Featured Services

It’s the first section below the Hero. It contains the most important services that are usually 3-4. Should be separate from the full list of services that is eventually needed on this page. Don’t use query to pull these 3-4 services. Use that for the next section.

Services (the full list)

We will need a complete list of all individual services even if they don’t have their own page. This can be a query by pulling the Category of Services from the posts but keep in mind some services may not have their own page but should be added to this list. Considering that, a regular list of services with some having a link is also acceptable.